At Milla Chocolates, minimalist, geometric luxury is the vibe

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Milla Chocolates was founded by Christine Sarioz who has a background in art. Photo by Ali Gokay Sarioz.

With a background in art, chocolatier Christine Sarioz moved to Los Angeles in 2005, where she decided to take some baking classes while raising her son. During a chocolate-making class led by Ruth Kenninson at The Gourmandise School, she found her calling. Her biggest joy came from sharing her creations with other parents and teachers during school pick-up. 

At Milla Chocolates, Sarioz sources most of her chocolate from Peru and the Dominican Republic, combining them to make a 67% blend. The profile seems to work best with her flavor combinations, which include black sesame caramel, yuzu, and passionfruit. Her chocolates also look stunning, with modern, minimalist designs that create a dramatic display in the box.

Sarioz looks forward to introducing Asian pear, pomegranate, and lime to Milla's flavor profiles. You can find her chocolates in major cities across the country.