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Welcome to Three Song Story, where we get to know some of our favorite artists over the course of three songs that hold special meaning for them. Each guest brings us something old, something new, and something of their own. And then we get into it.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ 3 Song Story expands on the 'love during apocalypse’ theme of his first full-length album in 10 years, ‘When the Lights Go.’

Get to know the electro-dub maestro (and tomorrow’s Summer Nights headliner) through his record obsessions, jazz-funk vibes, and long nights at LA’s Dub Club.

Electropop party maestro Uffie returns with her first album in more than ten years.

New York’s Orion Sun opens up about “obsession phases” with newly discovered tracks, music that feels like a hug, and learning to embrace the collaborative process.

Welcome to 3 Song Story, a new series getting to know our favorite artists as they share something old, something new, and something of their own.

Virginia-bred singer-songwriter Kate Bollinger joins us to revel in Elyse Weinberg's "drunken love song thing," her older siblings’ influence, and her new record "Look at it in the…