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Written by Megan Jamerson

Hi there,

I cover small business, entrepreneurship, labor, and the workplace for KCRW. When news broke that the Writers Guild reached a tentative agreement with studios over the weekend, bringing the Hollywood strike closer to an end, I helped KCRW provide thoughtful coverage so you could be informed first thing Monday. “Hot labor summer” has been my focus for the past three months, and between the Hollywood strikes and the hotel worker picket lines, I’ve been bringing you the stories to understand how the modern-day labor movement is changing Los Angeles. 

My favorite part of the job is that it gives me an excuse to talk to strangers. It might sound cliché, but everyone really does have a good story. It's about asking the right questions and then listening. 

While it’s my job to find people to talk to, there have been a few occasions over the last year when I’ve asked KCRW listeners for help with my reporting. Like this feature story about catalytic converter thefts, or this one about Hollywood’s below-the-line workers needing help during the strike. Those experiences — of speaking with listeners about what is important to them and how the news of the day shapes their lives — are something we prioritize across the newsroom. A two-way relationship with you is what we are building here at KCRW.

We rely on member support to serve our community in Southern California and beyond with impactful and enriching coverage. We exist for you, and we can’t exist without you.

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Megan Jamerson
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