Eric Hilton: ‘Closer’

Co-founder of the influential, genre-defying duo Thievery Corporation, Eric Hilton has spent decades piecing together divergent styles into a singular or cohesive sound both with his band and on his own. On February 23, Hilton’s new solo album Sound Vagabond will transport us like an audio postcard to places real or imagined. “This record started modestly, with some basic ideas, but after writing the first eight tracks, I knew I had a travelog” says Hilton. While not intended as GPS, you’ll be able to float to distant lands when you hear “Closer.” 

Thievery Corporation on MBE 2000
Thievery Corporation full band 2002
Thievery Corporation Guest DJs 2005
Thievery Corporation full band 2005
Thievery Corporation on MBE 2006
Thievery Corporation on MBE 2011





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